As its name signifies, Sarang Cultural Exchange Center, primarily aims at propagation and exchange of different cultures. In today’s increasingly violent world, an understanding and acceptance of different cultures is the only way to peaceful co-existence. Also, the existence and growth of any art form does not solely depend on the performer. A knowledgeable audience who can appreciate it in full measure is equally important. So we welcome to our Center, not only the professional or aspiring artists but also culturally-oriented people seeking to get acquainted with the arts & culture of Kerala. We offer opportunity to understand and study Indian art forms,  languages, cuisines and Yoga.  We make a customised curriculum tailored to fit the duration of your stay.  We also conduct follow up classes if you are serious in the subject.

Apart from conducting classes, we  also arrange village visits and study trips with history and heritage as the theme. You can also join with us in village activities like cultivation and harvesting.

The workshops that we conduct regularly are focused on giving you a glimpse of the subject. Usually the workshops are planned around holidays so that you can attend them without it affecting your job.

Kerala has a vibrant cultural tradition with many art forms entwined with spirituality and many others with strong roots in rural life. We believe that learning traditional arts in diverse contexts will deepen understanding about Indian culture. So, we are in the process of building a network with various artists and arts & cultural institutions all over Kerala. We hope that this Center truly evolves into a platform which can introduce you to the many wonderful artists and institutions that dot Kerala’s cultural map.

The idea of such a center evolved from a great cultural center that has been closed down in 2009.  Read that story here!


Past events