Who we are
We are Anuradha and Gautham, freelance translator and web developer by profession. We love art and believe that certain art forms have to be ‘stored in people’ so that our next generation also can enjoy such heritage. Towards this, we conduct workshops to make people get in touch with different art forms. We collaborate with artists, help them form a curriculum for short duration courses and organise the workshops in such a way that the participants get maximum out of the course.

Our inspiration
We were part of a cultural organisation called Vijnana Kala Vedi, run by Louba Schild, a French artiste in south Kerala. Read that story here!  Our experience there made us realise art is a universal language. When she decided to stop her center and return to her country, we decided to carry forward her dream in whatever small capacity we can. We have evolved in subjects, formats and even in content over the years. However, the idea of art being a language beyond border remains the same. ​

Why do we do what we do
​Throughout human history, we can see art was part of our daily life. As our lives become faster and we all became busier, we gradually drifted apart from art. These days we see art as a hobby or sometimes as a luxury.Creativity and art work as a tuner to our otherwise chaotic life. Understanding this fact we try to bring back the art and creativity that is dormant in people. We believe that in today’s increasingly violent world, we need common platforms for peace and prosperity. Art can be that platform and hence Sarang Cultural Ventures.

 Also, the existence and growth of any art form does not solely depend on the performer. A knowledgeable audience who can appreciate it in full measure is equally important. So we welcome to our events, not only the professional or aspiring artists but also culturally-oriented people seeking to get acquainted with the arts & culture. We offer opportunity to understand and study Indian art forms,  languages, cuisines and Yoga.

The workshops that we conduct regularly are focused on giving you a glimpse of the subject. Usually the workshops are planned around holidays so that you can attend them without it affecting your job.  Some sees the workshops as part of a hobby while some sees the long hours spent as therapy. We see a heritage being preserved in people for the future generation.