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What’s new!

Are we limited to a village in Kerala ?
When we talk about Kerala culture, how much do we miss out being in one place?
After all, we too are travelers. We know how different Kerala is from South to North.

These thoughts were in the back of our minds all along. Finally we are taking a step towards realising the idea of exploring Kerala culture in different settings.

What if you can do all the activities we provide, but stay in a village (or suburbs if you prefer) of Kannur, Kozhikkode (Calicut), Waynad, Kollam (Quilon), Munnar, Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) or another destination of your choice?
What if you can go to the beach, hill station or do a trekking in a forest on the weekends?
What if you can experience the hospitality of a different family every time?

Well, this is what we want to do from this year onward apart from running the existing cultural center.

So,  let us know your choice of:

1. subject(s)
2. destination
3. weekend activities (trekking, hill station, beach… you get the idea!) and
4. Duration of your stay

Together let us explore more possibilities!

Kindly use the form below to contact us!

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This is a region rich with traditions, heritage and history.  The contribution this region has made towards literature, arts and architecture is numerous.  We encourage you to travel around this district to know more about the people, customs, monuments and artists.  Except in the rainy months, there are many festivals happening around.

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Food being the medicine

Women were advised to have food cooked in ironware during pregnancy.  This was more effective than the iron tablets, and without any side effects.  You will come across many of these medicinal factors of food at our cultural center. You must have noticed, our cooking classes are not just cooking. It is  ‘cooking health in the kitchen’! 

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Fire and Earth!

Though we use modern utensils, we try to stick to earthen ware for health and taste reasons.  Apart from LP Gas, we also have a wood burning oven for cooking.  The taste of the food made in earthenware on a wood burning oven always stands out. 

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A touch of authentic organic

We grow food crops and spices at our farm 80 kilometers away from the cultural center.  The turmeric and pepper you taste in your meals here are from the farm.  At times we get bananas, gooseberries, lemon, vegetables and tubers too.  30 years ago a wasteland, the regenerated soil and zero irrigation methods make the farm a pilgrim place for people interested in natural farming and chemical free lifestyle.  We also have a garden around the cultural center from where we get bananas. The photo is of a banana flower, very tasty and good for your heart according to traditional wisdom.