Bharatanatyam Appreciation Workshop

Dance, music and rhythm were part of our daily life. Hence even now we tend to shake a leg when we hear the drums. More than melody the drums make us move is due to the residues of the dance we had as cavemen and women. Today we have given it up. Mostly professionals dance these days. For the general public dance movements are very limited. This two days session is to see how we can bring a bit of classical dance, music and rhythm into our busy lives. And thus store a bit of these for the coming generations. One can either learn and use these together or individually according to capacity.

No, you need not dance!

The idea is to understand Bharatanatyam, its rhythm and  a bit of history so that next time you can appreciate that Bharatanatyam concert a bit more! The take-away will be some exercises that bring the glitter in your eyes,  life to your fingers and tranquillity to your mind and body.

We welcome everyone who is keen to understand Bharatanatyam. No need to be a dancer or a dance student. There will be some hands-on suitable for even for non-dancers too. You should be ready and fit to travel by public transport. An open mind and helpful outlook will make the workshop great!

The workshop is also for those who want to get in touch with this classical art form, not necessarily for students or artists only.

Mentor Artist

Kalamandalam Maya vinayan

Coming from an art appreciative family, Smt.  Maya Vinayan completed her 4 years diploma in Mohiniyattom from the renowned art institute of Kerala Kala Mandalam. She took up Bharatanatyam and Kuchippudi also privately  under teachers from Kala Mandalam.  None other than Vembatti Sri Chinnasatyam, the famous Guru of Kuchippudi, was the guide in her advance studies of Kuchippudi.

She is married to Sri. Vinayan, also an artist and  student of the Shantha, Dhanajjayan couple. Together they have performed in different countries including the US and middle east. They both want to promote classical dance forms among all kinds of audience. Smt. Maya has also worked with eminent artists like  Ms. Shobhana (cine artist) .

Apart from her choreography, collaborations and performances, she also runs her own dance school ‘Triveni Academy’ in Thiruvanimiyoor, Chennai.


  • Visual vocabulary of Bharatanatyam
  • Usage of Rhythm
  • Understand the structure of a performance
  • Hand and eye exercises that can benefit those who sit in front of a screen for long hours (that will be all of us!)
  • A day trip to an ancient temple
  • Witness the dialogue between the ancient sculptures and dance.
  • Practice at home exercises for the eyes, hands and mind.

What is included:  All sessions,  trip to a heritage site , refreshments and writing material if any.   

Please note that this will not be a leisure trip. The workshop, including the trip, is designed in a simple manner, luxurious in content, not in frills.


Please use the form to tell us a little about you. You will receive an email with further details. Please pay the registration fee of INR 1000 online and get registered. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at | whatsApp – 8156895207 (Gautham) | WhatsApp – 8281211185 (Anuradha)