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Our admiration for man’s capacity for mutual learning is one basis of such a Center. Here, along with the study of different art forms, you can also share your skills, languages and cultures with fellow-explorers. In short, learning will happen not just to you, but through you. You are welcome to share anything under the sun, traditional dance forms, music, stories, theatre, cookery, anything which will lead to some creative or common good.


img017Classes can be one-on-one or as a group according to the subject and the student’s preference.  We find language classes more effective as a group, while music classes work better one-on-one.  Even though you have to choose your subject(s) at the time of registration, you can change it later at the Center after getting acquainted with other art forms. While choosing an art form to study, it is always better to pick subjects which you have a flair for or which attract your interest. You can choose any two subjects for your study at the Center. That way you will have ample time for practice and other activities during the day.


Classes will be scheduled between 9.30AM to 4.30 PM. The maximum duration of a single class is two hours. Please note that sometimes the teachers can be better judges of the time duration that each student can take. Saturdays and Sundays are kept aside for practice and exploration. You can also use the weekends for visiting interesting places around.


The syllabus for each student is decided by the Sarang faculty according to the length of the stay, talent and commitment of the student. An outline of the syllabus will be sent to each student after registration.