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She spent most of her childhood in the north India. Naturally Hindi is her second mother tongue after Malayalam.  Fluent in English and knows all intrigue ways of Grammar and grammatical terms, she makes learning Hindi an easy experience.

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Abhi hails from a family who always encouraged his interest in arts.  He is a senior student from the Mammiyoor Institute of Mural Painting, Guruvayoor.  He has combined his knowledge of human anatomy and modern drawing measurements to create the Gods and Goddesses in his murals. Unlike some contemporary mural artists who fail to notice the lost originality while trying out new fusions, Abhi adds beauty to his paintings without loosing the originality or the style of the traditional Mural technique.

He lives in Trichur district of Kerala with his parents, wife and son.

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Adarsh studied Mural Painting in the prestigious institute of Mural Painting at Mammiyoor, Guruvayoor, Kerala.  After being part of many projects in Kerala,  now he works with the Archeological Survey of India in restoring, exploring and studying ancient paintings, murals and even the mysterious shapes etched and sketched on ancient cave surfaces.

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Ram Mohan

A budding star in the Kathakali music scenario of Kerala, Ram Mohan shines in the unlimited skies of both Carnatic and Kathakali music. Beginning his musical life under his father’s guidance, Ram mohan went on to specialize in Kathakali music. He has also trained as a Kathakali actor. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and one in education he now teaches mathematics at a government school in Palakkad, giving all his spare time to mark his presence on almost all Kathakali stages in Palakkad. He has sung with Kottakkal Madhu for an album on Kathakali music for Invis Multimedia.

His wife Meera, who herself is a musician, and he are proud parents of a little boy.

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Swami Brahmanand

Youngest among his siblings, Swami spent his childhood exploring books on spirituality and teachings of great Gurus. Naturally at a very young age spirituality beckoned him. Leaving all that binds body, mind and spirit, he left home looking for wisdom.

Destiny took him to many masters, many ashrams, even caves far up in the Himalayas. Returning home after twelve long years, he continued to learn and began to teach Yoga. He taught Yoga at the erstwhile Vijnana Kalavedi Center where he reached out to hundreds of students from around the world with his unique brand of teaching and spirituality.

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Jasmin’s family is her support, it is their whole-hearted encouragement that sustains her career in music. As a child Jasmin started learning classical dance forms such as Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattom, and during her school days she excelled in performances and competitions. Gradually her interest in Carnatic music blossomed and as she realized she wanted to focus on music, she took both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Carnatic music. And went on to do her MPhil as a first step towards a doctoral degree.

She has worked as a visiting faculty in Kerala Kalamandalam, the prestige art institute of Kerala. She teaches privately and has numerous students in Kerala and abroad too. She herself continues her study under veteran singers to widen her horizons and deepen her knowledge.

Her life is partnered with Mohammed Sulfi, who is a violin enthusiast and music lover and their daughter, Tamanna.

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Teachers are revered as gods in India, to be considered only next to one’s parents. In ancient India, the teacher or Guru had the complete authority in his field, his word was final. But times have changed and students are encouraged to question every teaching before accepting it.

Rather than going extreme with any of these ways, we believe in a middle path. Teachers should be treated with complete respect by the students for his knowledge and the students should be free to discuss any part of his studies creatively with the teacher. This will lead to a harmony in the classroom. An effective partnership between the teacher and the student ensures easy flow of knowledge & ideas between them.

We hope our competent and sincere faculty is able to create such a harmonious environment at the Centre with your whole-hearted cooperation.

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Vasudeva Menon

A mature and experienced teacher, Shri. Vasudeva Menon has been performing and teaching Mridangam for more than 30 years. Based near Palakkad town, he was very active in Carnatic Music concerts and Bharatanatyam performances in his young age.  One can see that age has only strengthened his fingers as his fingers fly over the instrument when he plays.

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Pradeep Kumar

Inspired by performances at the local temple in his childhood, Pradeep started learning Kathakali at the young age of 12 from the prestigious Kerala Kalamandalam.  He has been the recipient of many coveted awards for upcoming talent, like the Sangeet Natak Academy award for the young artists. His talent and pleasant nature combined with enthusiasm for teaching make his classes fulfilling and enjoyable.