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Common Courses

The fee includes classes, accommodation and food.  Teachers charge differently according to their subject, traveling distance and availability. Accordingly the fee varies slightly from subject to subject.  Duration of your stay, required number of free days etc also will be considered while calculating the fee.  We had a weekly based fee structure, which we found not working for many. Hence, now we create custom packages for individuals according to the duration of stay and selected subject.  The fee also differs for individuals and groups. Please contact us with your requirements;  we shall get back to you with your fee details.

Special Courses

We conduct special courses once in a while.  Yoga, Mural Painting, Cooking and dance forms have special courses conducted.  Find details about our forthcoming courses below or in the Workshops section. The fese for these courses are different from the common courses.


We have a small discount for groups, also for individual  who stays for more than three months.

Past events