Ginger Lemon Drink

Long ago we had these small shops called ‘petti-kada’s,  literally ‘box-shop’, all over our villages.  Like many other things of the past they are becoming extinct. Those shops used to have a very simple lemon drink using water,  lemon, sugar syrup flavoured with a freshening herb called ‘Naruneendi.  The ‘petti-kada’s are replaced by ‘Juice corners’ and ‘Bakeries’.  Many innovations happened to the lemon drink too. This time we will try one of those innovations.

You need:

1. One Lemonlemon
2. A small piece of Ginger
3. One cardomom
4. Three spoons of sugar
5. Water of course

Ready in a jiffy!
1. Extract the lemon juice
2. Pound Ginger and grind cardamom
3. Blend all these with sugar for 30 seconds
4. Sieve and add adequate water

I hope soon I will be coming with sugar free, honey rich drinks. I am feeling guilty for promoting sugar so much!

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