Jasmin’s family is her support, it is their whole-hearted encouragement that sustains her career in music. As a child Jasmin started learning classical dance forms such as Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattom, and during her school days she excelled in performances and competitions. Gradually her interest in Carnatic music blossomed and as she realized she wanted to focus on music, she took both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Carnatic music. And went on to do her MPhil as a first step towards a doctoral degree.

She has worked as a visiting faculty in Kerala Kalamandalam, the prestige art institute of Kerala. She teaches privately and has numerous students in Kerala and abroad too. She herself continues her study under veteran singers to widen her horizons and deepen her knowledge.

Her life is partnered with Mohammed Sulfi, who is a violin enthusiast and music lover and their daughter, Tamanna.

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