Kalamezhuthu (Powder Painting) workshop in Chennai

This summer, The Soul Window and Sarang Cultural Ventures bring you ‘Immerse’, a Kalamezhuthu (powder painting) workshop:
Kalamezhuthu is a ritualistic art form of Kerala practised in temples and sacred groves, where the representation of deities like Kali and Lord Ayyappa are made on the floor using natural powders. Traditionally, Kalamezhuthu is accompanied by pooja, Kalapradakshinam (dance movements by the Velichapad), Kalampaattu (songs praising the Gods backed by traditional musical instruments) and other vibrant rituals.

The workshop is designed primarily to focus on the art form and its meditative capacity, tying it alongside its threads of tradition and culture.

When: Sunday, 19th May, 2019 from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm 

Where: Spaces, Besant Nagar, Chennai 


  • Introduction to the Art Form
  • Mentor
  • Artist works on the main Kalam
  • Getting your hands dirty:
    Participants practise designs using elements from the main Kalam
  • Lunch
  • Storytime:
    Journey with the artists through the stories behind the Kalams, traditional and cultural connect, preparation of the colours and more
  • Practice sessions continued
Who can participate?

Anyone. There are no pre-qualifications and no requirements of any prior experience in any art form. You would enjoy the workshop if you are:

  • Interested in visual arts
  • Interested in culture and tradition
  • Interested in watching the beautiful Kalam unfold
  • Healthy enough to sit on the floor and draw mostly through the day

This is a good wrist exercise beneficial for photographers, IT people, miniature architects and all those who wish a steady hand.

As in all our workshops, it is not about finishing lessons, but understanding the details and finding happiness in a traditional art form. Patience and an open-minded approach to a new subject is appreciated.

What will you take away?

  • An enriching experience to interact, know and practise the art form with one of the few existing artists of Kalamezhuthu
  • A day spent well, in relaxation, with colours, culture and happiness
  • The skill to meditatate with Kalams after a busy day at work

Number of seats: 20

To gift every participant a personal and enriching experience, we are limiting the group size to 20.


In case of doubts and queries, please contact Soul Window at +91-9790898264.

If interested in joining us for the workshop, please register with us. We will then get back to you with more details.



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