Kerala Mural Art: Turn a poem into painting

September 27, 28

Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad

2 Days Workshop on Kerala Mural Painting for beginners. Learn the ancient way of meditating on a poem to turn it into a painting. INR 2,500 including material. We encourage not just artists, but everyone to experience this heritage art form. WhatsApp 8156895207 to know more.

Who can Participate?

Are you keen about heritage, arts or both?
Are you patient enough to follow instructions?
Are you excited about learning something cool?
Then you are our participant!
You don’t have to be an artist.  In our previous workshops, we had software engineers, air hostesses, architecture students, HR heads, homemakers, and bakers. You have never touched a painting brush before? We had many of you too in our workshops.

What is the canvas size I take home?

You will take home a beautiful picture of a lotus pond in A4 size. Our offering is not to make you an expert mural artist in days. We will be introducing you to a few elements from the vast ocean of Kerala Mural Painting. Each element will be explained with usage, meaning, and placement. Your final piece will be authentic and truly YOURS. No tracing involved. You will know every line and colour, and why it is there. For those who are interested to pursue this in-depth, we will have follow-up workshops in the future.

What is Kerala Mural Art? (For the newcomers)

Kerala Mural Painting is a heritage art form for storytelling. The artist takes a shloka, a poem or a story situation and translates the gist into lines and shapes onto the wall or a canvas.  In our 2 day workshop, we invite you to get initiated to this art form. Kerala Mural Art is considered to be a way of meditating with lines and colours. Irrespective of your background,  it will be helpful for you in more than one way.

What will be the structure of the workshop

Understanding a few elements used in a Kerala Mural Painting. Drawing them with pencil and then with a brush. Learning the colouring sequence and the rationale behind the same.   Exploring a little history and context of this art form. Knowing how to use the elements in today’s context without compromising authenticity. You will also be taking a small step in conserving this art form by getting initiated into this.

Participants from our previous workshop practicing.

What is the fee?

The fee is INR 2,500. The seats are limited, so it will be first come first serve basis. Please register as soon!

The registration fee of INR 500 should be paid online or transferred to our account. The balance can be paid in cash at the venue or online according to your convenience. 


  • Hands-on training on drawing and painting, the mural way
  • Explaining the Dhyana Shlokas
  • All  materials provided
  • Take home a finished piece of work that you made with your own hands!
  • No comparison or competition
  • Learn a new way of meditation that can be done by anyone!

Who is the Mentor Artist

Shri. Suresh Muthukulam was trained under the legendary guru of Kerala Mural art, Sree Mammiyoor Krishnakutty at the Kerala Mural Institute Guruvayoor. Currently leading the Mural Department of Vastu Vidya Gurukulam, Aranmula, Kerala, his contemporary style too has seen the world. It is a privilege to train under such an established artist with a modern outlook.  Read more about him here.

Check out a promo video we made for our previous 7 days workshop in Bangalore.

How to register (Registration closed)

Fill the form below with the required details. Please make sure that all the information is correct.
Once you submit the form, you will be redirected to the payment page where you can pay the registration fee of INR 500. This will be adjusted against the total fee. You can pay the balance online (We will send you another link) or pay at the venue.

Cancellation and refund

If you cancel after 20th, no refunds for cancellation.

Questions? WhatsApp 8156895207

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