The Center functions in a modern, single-storied ‘Nalukettu‘ with a small, open, central courtyard. In the summer months the outside temperature may soar up but it remains much cooler indoors since the house is built based on traditional architectural principles.The house is set in an enclosed compound with a traditional pond. Except for the dry summer months the pond can be used for swimming and bathing. The house is well-spaced out hence the classes and the living space are combined in the same building. The neighbourhood is generally peaceful being away from the influences of the road. Early mornings and evenings devotional music is played from a nearby temple which takes some getting used to but gradually fades into the background.

The accommodation is on twin-sharing basis in well-assigned rooms. Privacy is ensured within the rooms. During the day classes are conducted in the common spaces so one has to be careful not to disturb them. The students can use the terrace or the garden for reading, writing, drawing or just for private contemplation. There is a well-stocked library at the Center which can be freely made use of.

The Sarang children stay nearby in another house. They have classes on various art forms during the weekdays, some times during weekends according to teachers’ convenience. They bring much life into the Center with their exuberance. Some evenings the whole Sarang family gathers at the cultural center and practice Karnatic vocal music and instruments.

Gautham and Anuradha stay at the Center and coordinate all activities. They are involved in web designing and other free lance work, for supporting Sarang Alternative School. At the Center they look after the arrangements of the classes, housekeeping, cooking, logistics and communication along with their varied activities.

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