Mural Painting Workshop : Level 1 (Pravesika)

7 days intensive training on Mural Painting
6-12 September 2016.
At UTC, Near Cantonment railway station, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

(Workshop is in progress now. You may drop by for a quiet visit during the lunch break – 1 to 2 PM and see the participants’ progress without disturbing them. )

Explore the magic and freedom of turning a poem into a painting. Understand how the Gods, Goddesses, subjects or situations are all embedded into little shlokas. Experience how mural artists meditate on these ‘shlokas’ and translate their gist into lines and shapes onto the canvas.

Here is an opportunity to come close to the art of Kerala mural painting (Sopana Chithrakala). Apart from the stories and theories, get your hands dirty by learning to draw and paint the traditional way! After all, what is a better way to preserve this heritage for the future generations?

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Outline of the curriculum:

Understanding ancient paintings, Basic Drawing, Drawing Shapes and forms, Drawing human body, Dhyana Shlokas and their usages, Traditional measurements and methods, Painting basics, Colouring the mural way and Meditation

Faculty :

Sasi-EdavaradA dedicated traditional mural artist, Shri. Sasi Edavarad belongs to the classical Kerala school of mural painting. Though he prefers  walls as his canvas and natural colours as his medium, he also paints in contemporary style on canvas and paper with acrylic.[/fruitful_ibox] [fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-two-one” title=”” last=”true” image=””]

Highlights :

  • Hands on training on drawing and painting, the Kerala mural way
  • Explaining the Dhyana Shlokas
  • Slide Shows on rare ancient paintings
  • Optional Meditation session for the early risers
  • Material and food provided
  • Shared or single accommodation available
  • Exhibition of your paintings on the last day for the interested public
  • Take home a finished piece of work that you made with your own hands!
[/fruitful_ibox][/fruitful_ibox_row][fruitful_ibox_row] [fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”Arrival and Departure” icon=”fa-clipboard” styleicon = “background-color:none; color:#333; border-radius:50%;”]The workshop will commence  at 9 AM on 6th September 2016. You are requested to report at 8.30 AM so as to finish the formalities in time.  We will conclude the workshop at 5 PM on 12th September.  You may plan your departures accordingly.  Accommodation can be  arranged for those who need to stay for the 12th night.[/fruitful_ibox] [fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”The Precious Time” icon=”fa-clock-o” styleicon = “background-color:none; color:#333; border-radius:50%;”]During the seven days we spend  together, we will try to explore  as many aspects of Kerala Mural  Painting as possible. Needless to say, it takes years to master any art form and we are trying to understand it in seven days.   Time is very precious and it is our mutual responsibility to utilize time effectively.  [/fruitful_ibox] [fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”All Material Provided” icon=”fa-paint-brush” last=”true” styleicon = “background-color:none; color:#333; border-radius:50%;”]As time is an important factor, we will be using paper, pencil and acrylic instead of natural pigments or walls. Preparaton of natural colours is not within the scope of this workshop.  However, you will be introduced  to natural pigments and material.

We will provide you all the material necessary for the workshop including pencil and rubber. No need to bring anything.

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The following is  an outline of the schedule. The actual schedule will change according to the lessons, activities and your progress.

Time Activity
6.30 AM to 7.00 AM Meditation (for the early risers)
7.30 AM to 8.30 AM Session I
8.30 AM to 9.00 AM Breakfast
9.00 AM to 11.00 AM Session II
11.15 AM Break
11.30 AM to 1.30 PM Session II continues
1.30 PM Lunch, break
2.30 PM to 5.00 PM Session III
5.00 PM to 6.30 PM Self Practice
[fruitful_ibox_row] [fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”Dedication and Patience” icon=”fa-hourglass-end” styleicon = “background-color:none; color:#333; border-radius:50%;”]There will be a lot of practice and repetition, which you have to patiently do to complete each step. We will not be tracing paintings. Our goal is not to make you a superficial instant Mural Artist in seven days. We can assure you that the lessons you learn will be authentic and you will be able to understand each element. The workshop is an introduction to the art form. Please feel free to take it forward and explore more at your own pace.  We would request once again for your dedication and respect for the art form.

Suppose you find yourself slower than others? Relax. It is not a competition. We have nothing to prove here.

🙂 [/fruitful_ibox][fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”Workshop Space” icon=”fa-users” styleicon = “background-color:none; color:#333; border-radius:50%;”]United Theological College is a peaceful premise within the city limits.  The classes will happen in a  quiet classroom. Their cafeteria is just a walk away. The rooms are also in the same campus and quiet near to the class room. UTC has guests from all over the world. We are requested to behave in a civilised manner throughout the workshop.utc02

The food provided will be vegetarian. However, the cafeteria provides non vegetarian food as well. (No separate kitchen for veg and non veg. Its like a normal restaurant)

You can get intoxicated on drawing, sketching and painting. However no other forms of intoxicants are allowed in the camp or campus.
[/fruitful_ibox] [fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”Advanced Course” last=”true” icon=”fa-certificate” styleicon = “background-color:none; color:#333; border-radius:50%;”]If you want to learn more in depth, Dhyanasankalpam, Kozhikkode has weekend classes on Mural Paintng at their studio at Mankavu, Kozhikkode, Kerala throughout the year.  Those who wish to pursue the subject are more than welcome to join them after the workshop.

Sarang Cultural Venture also organises advanced level workshop at Bangalore where you will get to work with the faculty, Mr. Sasi Edavarad on an actual painting.

Cost :

Though we have designed the course for residents, day scholars are also encouraged. Those who cannot make it for the first session can start the day with the second session, post breakfast.

Registration closed for this workshop. If you want to register for our further workshops, please send a mail to with the subject of Mural 2016

Preference Cost What is included Last Date for Registration
Type I
(Day scholar)
Until 20 August 2016 : INR 10,500.00

After 20 August 2016 : INR 12,000.00

Materials for drawing and painting such as stationery, colours, brush and canvas.
Hands on training under the guidance of an expert
Breakfast, Lunch and Two refreshments
31 August 2016
Type III
Until 20 August 2016 : INR 17,500.00

After 20 August 2016 : INR 19,000.00


All of the above, dinner and
Non AC Twin sharing accommodation
25 August 2016
(We have to book the room early)
Type IV
Until 20 August 2016 : INR 18,500.00

After 20 August 2016 : INR 20,000.00

All of the above, dinner and
Non AC Single accommodation
25 August 2016
(We have to book the room early)

Cancellation and cancellation fee :
You may cancel till 31st August 2016. The registration amount minus the cancellation fee will be refunded to you. The cancellation fee for Type I (Day scholar) is INR 1000. For the resident types it is INR 1250.

Registration closed for this workshop. If you want to register for our further workshops, please send a mail to with the subject of Mural 2016

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