7-day Workshop on Kerala Mural Painting-Bangalore

15 – 21 May 2023
Venue: Rangoli Metro Art Center, MG Road, Bangalore

Here is our 7 Day Workshop on Kerala Mural Painting. Learn the ancient way of meditating with lines and colours the authentic way. INR 11,500 including material. (Early bird seats sold out. However, we have buddy discount. Click here to know more) This is a rare opportunity to get trained under an authentic and established artist from Kerala. Kerala Mural Institute, Guruvayoor is the only such institute established for the revival of this art form in Kerala. The mentor artist, Mr. Satheesh Thayat is a student of this prestigious institute. You don’t have to be an artist. If you are interested in heritage art forms, ready to dedicate your time and be patience with yourself and others, this workshop is for you! Read on!

Who can Participate?

Are you keen on heritage, arts, or both?
Are you patient enough to follow instructions?
Are you excited about learning something cool?
Then you are our participant!
You don’t have to be an artist.  In our previous workshops, we had software engineers, air hostesses, architecture students, HR heads, homemakers, and bakers. You have never touched a painting brush before? We had many of you too in our workshops. If you still have doubts about your ability to draw, talk to us! We can tell you a few secret skills you have! 

Gautham and Anuradha first at the sitting row along with participants from a workshop in Bangalore – 2016

What is the canvas size I take home?

This workshop is not about completing one painting. Our offering is not to make you an expert mural artist in one week. We will be introducing you to various elements from the vast ocean of Kerala Mural Painting. Each element will be explained with usage, meaning, and placement. Your final piece depends upon your level of interest, dedication, and patience. The mentor artist will suggest the final painting that you will be able to complete in the given time. The important point is that it will be authentic and it will be YOUR’S. No tracing and no colouring without knowing what is what. You will know every line and colour, and why it is there. For those who are interested to pursue this in-depth, follow-up classes are available in Kerala at the mentor’s studio.

What is Kerala Mural Art? (For the newcomers)

Kerala Mural Painting is a heritage art form for storytelling. The artist takes a shloka, a poem, or a story situation and translates the gist into lines and shapes onto the wall or a canvas.  In our 7-day workshop, we invite you to interact firsthand with this art form and get an in-depth experience. Kerala Mural Art is considered to be a way of meditating with lines and colours. Irrespective of your background,  it will be helpful for you in more than one way.

What will be the structure of the workshop?

It is a full-day workshop. We will start every day at 9AM and wind up by 4PM. So please come prepared. As you know, there are no tracing and shortcuts in our workshops. However, with dedication and patience, you will surprise yourself with what you can actually achieve.

The sessions consist of the following:

      • Understanding the elements used in a Kerala Mural Painting.

      • Drawing them with a pencil and then with a brush.

      • Learning the colouring sequence and the rationale behind the same.

      • Discovering the shading techniques. 

      • Exploring the history and context of this art form.

      • Knowing how to use the elements in today’s context without compromising authenticity.

      • Measurements

      • Postures

      • Ornaments

      • Patterns and more…


        • Hands-on training in drawing and painting, the mural way under a seasoned artist

        • Explaining the Dhyana Shlokas

        • All  materials provided

        • Take home a finished piece of work that you made with your own hands!

        • No comparison or competition

        • Learn a new way of meditation that can be done by anyone!

      What is the fee?

      The regular fee, including the materials, is INR 11, 500.


          • Early bird rate – INR 9,900 Only 3 seats. Register before April 15th to get this discount. (Sold Out)

          • Buddy discount – you can enjoy a discount of INR 500 off on the regular price when you sign up with a friend!


        You can pay 3500 now and register your seat. The balance should be paid on or before 10 May.

        You also have the option of paying the total amount now itself. We accept Google Pay / Phone Pay / UPI.

        Who is the Mentor Artist

        Shree. Satheesh Thayat is the menotr artist for this workshop. He has a National Diploma in Fine Arts from Kerala Mural Painting Institute, Guruvayoor. After five years of art studies, he landed a job as an art teacher. Since then, Satheesh’s life has revolved around Kerala Mural painting. Supported by his family, he has built an art gallery at home.

        Satheesh now takes classes at home under the name of Devayanam School of Mural Painting. His house has been transformed into a place where students can study and appreciate Kerala Mural Art.

        He has associated with institutes like Pookkadu Kalalayam and organisations like OISCA International to promote and teach Kerala Mural Painting.

        Where is the venue?

        Rangoli Metro Art Center, MG Road, Bangalore.

        How to register

            1. Pay the registration fee by scanning the QR code or using the UPI IDs provided.

            1. Fill out the registration form and include the payment reference number or screenshot

            1. Check your email for confirmation. (Do not forget to check your spam folder too, if you don’t find it in your inbox!)

          Go ahead, and register now!

          Step 1

          UPI ID: 9447114482 @ ybl

          Step 2

          Cancellation and refund

          Nobody wants to cancel! But rarely it happens. We want you to know what are the charges for cancellation.

          Cancellation up to Refund amount
          8 May 2023 80% of the registration fee paid
          10 May 2023 50% of the registration fee paid
          Registration fee of INR 3500 will not be refunded from 11th May  

          In case we have to cancel the event due to the Covid outbreak or such, please don’t worry, you will get a full refund.

          Questions? WhatsApp 8156895207

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