The Food

We provide home made food at the Center.  We purchase grocery from the local market.  At times, fresh fruits and vegetables are brought from our natural farm, adding an authentic organic touch to the menu.   The coconuts, generously used in the dishes and the occasional small bananas are from the garden around the cultural center. We keep the garden is purely organic.

Kerala dishes are loosely based on many Ayurvedic principles.  We follow this tradition as much as possible.  Even when we provide north Indian dishes, we try to make them as satwik as possible by avoiding red chilies and such harmful ingredients.

Breakfast dishes are prepared with a combination of rice flour with coconut or various lentils are amazing. These are eaten with spiced curries, chutneys, or bananas. Lunch is typically boiled rice with a curry, two side dishes; vegetables braised in oil or combined with coconut and pappadams; crunchy appetizers. Occasionally a fresh vegetable salad, pickles and sweets might be added to this fare. Dinner is lighter, chappathis or parathas; wheat breads, different rice items like pulao, kitchdi, fried rice, porridge etc with side dishes.

According to the season, fresh juices and hot drinks spice up the day. Potable water is pumped from a clean groundwater well. A water purifier provides clean drinking water. Water boiled with herbs can also be provided.  Meals are usually taken together, just as in a well-knit family, sitting cross legged on the floor. If anyone finds it difficult to sit on the floor, chairs can be used.

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