One of the most popular accompaniment instruments from India, Tabla has reached far and wide as the Ustads (maestros) brought it to the world stage. Tabla has a unique individuality that enables it to subtly follow a song in the background like a silent river with tiny eddies now and then. When it comes to the front stage as a solo instrument, the boldness catches you off balance. At times it drenches you by raining treble notes and sometimes it awakens you from the trance by the thunder of the bass.  Learning Tabla is learning magic of fingers.

One of the greatest reliefs of being a Tabla student is that you manage to produce some nice sounds from the instrument on the first day itself.  Practice is a must.  At first you might find your hands getting tired quickly.  As you progress the tiredness will go away and playing Tabla becomes a joy.

Listen to the magic fingers of Ustad Zakir Hussain

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