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The ghost train!

We visited Mysore partially for personal reasons and partially for promotional ideas. We wanted to know where people go, what do they do etc. Chamundi hills is supposedly a place where a lot of people go from around the world. After roaming around in Mysore for a while, we took a bus to Chamundi hills. It was one of the comfortable Volvo buses. (we should have taken some photos of the buses) While returning from the hill we saw a sign board of an Ayurvedic center. We requested the driver to stop at this nowhere from we started a long walk. The Ayurveda center was not very informative. However we saw very interesting things on our way back. We enjoyed the walk of around 4-5 kilometers.

If you are interested in Chamundi hills, please visit this link to wiki. They have a lot of information about the hill there.
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