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Kathakali Music

Kathakali Music is the voice of Kathakali. It is the singer who describes the scenes and present the dialogues for the characters. If you have watched a Kathakali performance, you must have noticed the role of music and rhythm in Kathakali, especially the involvement of the singer.

Kathakali music belongs to the Sopana category of music. It is more rhythm oriented so as to enhance the acting on the stage.

Compared to Carnatic Music, Kathakali Music is more about improvisation than following a structure.

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Ram Mohan

A budding star in the Kathakali music scenario of Kerala, Ram Mohan shines in the unlimited skies of both Carnatic and Kathakali music. Beginning his musical life under his father’s guidance, Ram mohan went on to specialize in Kathakali music. He has also trained as a Kathakali actor. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and one in education he now teaches mathematics at a government school in Palakkad, giving all his spare time to mark his presence on almost all Kathakali stages in Palakkad. He has sung with Kottakkal Madhu for an album on Kathakali music for Invis Multimedia.

His wife Meera, who herself is a musician, and he are proud parents of a little boy.