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Kathakali is the ancient theater form of Kerala. Inspired by Kutiyattam, the Sanskrit drama and Ramanattam Kathakali has come a long way from both of them. Kathakali is one of the rare art forms which includes a diversity of other art forms.

It has music, rhythm, painting, wood carving, carpentry, martial arts and what not! Its a world of diversity!

The first lessons start with foot work, basically stamping the ground in rhythm prompted my the master. Though you might find it a bit tiring on the first day, be assured, you will be carried away by the magic of the body movements, eye exercises and other lessons. Its a rewarding experience to know even a little of this ancient theater form.

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Pradeep Kumar

Inspired by performances at the local temple in his childhood, Pradeep started learning Kathakali at the young age of 12 from the prestigious Kerala Kalamandalam.  He has been the recipient of many coveted awards for upcoming talent, like the Sangeet Natak Academy award for the young artists. His talent and pleasant nature combined with enthusiasm for teaching make his classes fulfilling and enjoyable.