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Blue sky and a charging elephant!

Masinagudi is a small town in the Mudumalai reserve area in Tamil Nadu. If you are interested in wildlife, this is a place we would like to suggest. The images are from our mobile phone, sorry if you expected some wildlife photos. This is basically about the place we stayed, some good places we visited and a drive through the reserve towards a dam.

[pe2-gallery ] IMAG1367.jpgIMAG1372.jpgIMAG1379.jpgIMAG1388.jpgIMAG1390.jpgIMAG1394.jpgIMAG1396.jpgIMAG1406.jpgIMAG1412.jpgIMAG1414.jpgIMAG1426.jpgIMAG1442.jpgIMAG1439.jpgIMAG1445.jpgIMAG1452.jpg[/pe2-gallery]