The year that flew by…

It’s been a fantastic year; a roller coaster ride of ups and downs! We rode the high crests with enthusiasm and zeal. And the support and trust people gave us helped us across the low crests. Our greatest capital has been the strength each of you brought to our endeavour. The best promotion we’ve got is word of mouth. Your good words are spreading the message we want to share.

At first, on the new terrain, we chose to walk the Vijnana Kalavedi way, but with experience, observation and feedback we are carving our own way forward. Gradually a distinct style of our own is evolving in food, accommodation and classes.

Even though this year we did not see many other new sprouts in this field, we hope that in the coming years when the ground is fertile and the weather favourable, there will be efforts not just in Kerala but around the world. Meanwhile, our work in connecting cultural explorers to such efforts in arts, culture or traditional knowledge will continue.

It’s been a wonderful year with great lessons (and yes, we learned some very hard lessons too) and changes. We look forward to seeing the Center evolve with our collective efforts. Please feel free to contact us even if you have no plans to visit us. The mere knowledge of your being with us will be a boost for us, especially in troubled times.

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