Tomato lemon fresh drink

tomato_pdI always enjoy some kind of cold sweet drink at around 11’o clock.  That is when I take a break usually to watch part of a movie or read the online newspaper. I like lime juice a lot. Especially my special lime juice. But one day I wanted a change. Hence the discovery of Tomato lemon fresh drink!

You need:

One medium size lemon
Two tomatoes
One small piece of Ginger
One cardamom
Three and a half spoons of Sugar

Here is how I did it:

  1. Extracted lemon juice, ( pour it through a sieve so as to remove the seeds)
  2. Cut two tomatoes
  3. Pounded the ginger and cardomom
  4. Put all these and sugar into a mixer and mix it for about 30 seconds
  5. Add  three glasses of water
  6. Sieve it once again to remove the ginger and cardamom peels.
  7. serve cold!

Note : You can decide the quantity of sugar and water according to your taste.

Tip: If you can get honey it will be tastier!

Posted by Gautham (The master chef of the day!)

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