The ancient Indian culture of Yoga presented to us by the sages is based on essential human requirements, not only to gain physical health but also for the achievement of higher aims of life. The World Health Organization defines health as physical, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual health. Yoga is the only way to achieve such holistic health. Practice of a Yogic lifestyle and doing our duties without expecting benefit, will easily help us towards this. Yoga just as the name says is the union or harmony of our dimensions and keeps mentally and physically stable. We need this to keep ourselves free from stress in this fast-paced life.

The ultimate spiritual benefit of Yoga is the realization that we and everything else in the universe are part of the same energy. The world needs this because then there would be no more wars based on differences of caste, race, sex or wealth.

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The classes will be lead by Swami Brahmanand (Saji Ramaswamy), master at erstwhile Vijnana Kalavedi, whose vast experience and learning has taken thousands of students all over the world into the mysteries of Yoga.

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