Understand Art Forms, Learn Languages, Cooking and Yoga

The  best way to know a culture is through its Art, Languages, Cuisines, Architecture or  Literature.  Here, we try to create such an opportunity for the cultural explorers from around the world. You can explore art forms, languages, cuisines or Yoga in our Center.  Some of them share a common tradition while some has a unique set of practices.  All the art forms begin with a salutation. For music it is simply singing ‘Sa, Pa, Sa’ (C, G,C) while dance forms have body movements and a few steps for the salutation. Also there are stories, tips and  little philosophy  around each art form, cuisine, language or Asana.  Knowing an item is opening a treasure of interesting knowledge.

Teachers are artists or professionals

Jayadev : Violin teacher

Your teachers are independent performing artists.  They are not the staff in the Center.   Some of them are busy performers, some teach in prominent institutions, some have their own art schools and there are a few teachers who are working in other fields.  They all share the common interest of loving their respective subject, no matter what.  All of them know enough English to teach you the art form, but don’t expect all of them to be fluent in English. (You can help them with their English while you are here) For the teacher who can’t manage well in English, we  cover the stories, tips and philosophy part. In some classes we will be present to help you with your questions or to help the teacher with their explanations.

Classes can be compensated

We intimate your teacher about your intended stay with us in advance so that they can adjust the classes according to their schedule.  If they miss a class they compensate it on another day or on a weekend.   Sometimes we feel that every working  day has to have a session on your chosen subject so as not to loose a day from your selected few days with us.   So we will have an activity, theory session, story session, visiting a place related with your subject or monitored practice session if there is an unexpected off for your teacher.

Subjects on demand

The following are the subjects offered here at present. If you don’t find the subject you are looking for listed here, please fell free to contact us.  If you let us know well in advance, we can try to get a teacher for your favourite subject.

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